Yankee Hatchet - Red Stripe

By Adler

An all-purpose companion in the wilderness or for managing tasks closer to home.

Head weight: 1.5 Lbs | Total weight: 2.2 Lbs | Handle length: 15 inches | Handle colors: Black (anti-slip) and red | Steel type: C45 | Rockwell hardness of head: 47-55

  • Ergonomic U.S. hickory handle with unique antislip black paint provides a solid grip; all paints are water-based
  • Head weighs 1 lb. 5.6 oz.; head shape is the German Rheinland pattern which offers a larger, curved cutting surface
  • Head mount is made from wood with a round metal wedge
  • The head shape is the classic "Yankee" pattern.
  • Comes with a cotton storage bag and a heavy-duty leather sheath with a 2-button release system
  • C45 type steel; Rockwell hardness of head: 47–55 HRC
  • VPA GS Quality Certification; the VPA acts as an objective testing center to assess product quality and safety in accordance with the German Equipment and Product Safety Act
  • Adler is a certified FWI facility ("Deutsches Werkzeug - Made in Germany") confirming that the product country of origin is Germany
  • All wood waste from the handle manufacturing process is reused to generate the energy (up to 700KW) that runs the factory
  • Founded in 1919, the Adler factory builds on 4 generations of know-how to produce world-class axes