Yankee Canoe Axe - Red Stripe

By Adler

A capable companion for harvesting and splitting wood, or producing kindling, the Canoe axe from Adler German Axes is portable enough to serve you on backcountry journeys by river or trail.

  • Ergonomic U.S.-grown hickory wood handle features anti-slip, water-based black paint for enhanced grip
  • German "Rheinland" head shape offers a larger, curved cutting surface; made from C45 steel, axe head weighs 1.35 lbs.
  • Wood and round metal wedge head mount keeps the head secure on the handle
  • Heavy-duty Spanish leather sheath covers the cutting surface and secures with 2 hearty buttons
  • All wood waste from the handle manufacturing process is reused to generate the energy (up to 700 KW) that runs the German factory where it was made
  • Founded in 1919, the Adler factory builds on 4 generations of know-how to produce world-class axes
  • Every axe is marked with "JSW" in tribute to the company's founder, Josef Schmitt, who opened a small village blacksmith shop in Wiesental, Germany in 1919