Nomad Set


Try 10 travel-inspired perfumes. There award-winning fragrances are all unisex, vegan and handmade in Britain.

 10 (1.2ml spray) perfume samples

  • Berlin - an elegant citrus woody perfume

  • Brooklyn - the fizz of an urban playground. Fresh and fun 
  • Bukhara - Silk Road sophistication. A journey to Central Asia
  • Gdańsk - warm, earthy, smoky. Mysterious amber - the Baltic gold 
  • Istanbul - loved by all. Warm and spicy, East meets West

  • London - a suede, leather and rose perfume, inspired by our hometown

  • Los Angeles - a feel-good fragrance, with marine, floral and smoky notes.

  • Naples - salty sea air, smoke, charming Neapolitan decadence

  • Tel Aviv - our favourite beach city on the Med. A contemporary floral
  • Tokyo - a calming incense with sandalwood and hinoki.