Güero Y Maria - Habanero Hot Sauce 5oz


Introducing Guero Y Maria, a premium brand of fermented hot sauce that is crafted with the utmost care and dedication. This Aged Orange Habanero sauce is the result of a patient and meticulous process that is designed to draw out the very best flavors of the habaneros. After months of fermentation, these hand-picked habaneros are blended with a selection of rich and complimentary flavors such as carrots, garlic, and onions to create a truly unique and complex flavor profile.

With a heat rating of HOT, this sauce is perfect for those who relish a bold and spicy taste experience. Its versatility makes it a perfect accompaniment to a wide range of dishes, from pizza and tacos to seafood. Each bottle contains 5 oz of fermented hot sauce that is sure to elevate any meal to the next level.