Helle Spire


Brand Helle
Spire («To sprout» in Norwegian) is the smallest of the two new models (Spire and Gro). It features a birch handle colored dark brown and made to fit a four finger-grip for small hands, protected by a wooden finger guard at the front. This guard is large enough to protect the fingers of new carvers and whittlers from slipping, but small enough that you also learn that attention must be paid when using a knife. The 12C27 blade provides a good balance and makes the knife easy to handle – particularly when used for carving and whittling. While the tip of the blade has been slightly dulled, the blade remains razor-sharp, meaning that respect for the knife as a sharp tool needs to be learned quickly.
Spire comes with a natural leather sheath with a notch that means that the handle is visible through and snaps the knife in place. It can be further fastened with a snap-on button at the top, and attached to a belt though a loop. The natural leather is embossed with a symbolic sprout growing from its spine.
Blade length - 2.6in | 67mm
Handle length - 3.5in | 88mm
Blade - Stick tang Sandvik 12C27
Handle - Colored Birch