Plaid Wool Blend CPO Shirt Red 7010P


The classic CPO in a large check design can easily be worn as either a jacket or a shirt - it is the ultimate layering piece

  • 30" Back Length
  • Mini Anchor Button Front Closure
  • Two Upper Front Pockets
  • Button Cuff Closure
  • Imported

    The CPO shirt has earned a place as a classic in any wardrobe. This heavy duty layer originated in the 1930s as the uniform for Chief Petty Officers in the US Navy and Coastguard. It's roomy fit allowed sailors to wear it over their sweaters as a shirt jacket. The heavy wool was strong, durable and water repellent but lightweight enough to allow for functionality. It's no surprise that the utilitarian shirt jacket spread across the military and discharged officers continued wearing them at home. They became a staple at Army/Navy surplus stores and gained popularity among civilians after the war.